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Hozelock 1504 Bioforce Revolution Cypricube Foams

Replacement Foam Cubes for Hozelock Bioforce Revolution Pond Filters. If you find you are cleanin..

£22.93 Ex Tax: £19.11

Tetra Pond Crystal Water 500ml (100% Free - 1 Litre)

This comes with 100% Extra Free - 1 Litre in total Tetra Pond CrystalWater Effectively remo..

£17.97 Ex Tax: £14.98

Sera Marin Silicate Clear 500g Marine Filter Media

Permanent silicate removal Silicate supports the growth of diatoms in marine water aquariums. ser..

£15.74 Ex Tax: £13.12

Marina Slim Aquarium Filter S15 - Hangs from Back of Tank

The Marina Slim S15 Power Filter's unique compact and slim design provides both practical and aesthe..

£19.08 Ex Tax: £15.90

Hikari Tropical First Bites 10g

Exacting nutritional balance all newborn fish require during the earliest developmental stages of li..

£2.84 Ex Tax: £2.37

Aquael Turbo Filter 1000 (200 litre)

The new TURBO filters are constructed on the basis of the new line of circulation pumps AQUAEL CIRCU..

£28.47 Ex Tax: £23.73

Hozelock 1542 UV Clarifier Replacement Bulb 18 Watt PLL

This is the 18w replacement UV Lamp for the Hozelock Filter and UVC range. UVC Bulbs should be chang..

£16.61 Ex Tax: £13.84

Seachem Flourish 500ml Aquarium Plant Care

Flourish is a comprehensive plant supplement for the natural freshwater aquarium. It contains a rich..

£13.25 Ex Tax: £11.04



Hozelock 1353 Bioforce Revolution 9000 UVC Pond Filter

An advanced pressurised filter with UV clarifier and unique no fuss cleaning systemKey Benefits Incl..

£294.99 £379.99

Ex Tax: £245.83

Hozelock 1581 Aquaforce 2500 Pond Pump

Solids handling pumps for filtration, waterfalls and watercoursesKey Benefits Include:Fish Protectio..

£109.99 £173.99

Ex Tax: £91.66

Hozelock 1764 Easyclear 6000 Pond Pump, Filter and UVC

Guarantees beautiful, clear and healthy water and an attractive and reliable fountain and waterfall ..

£139.99 £219.99

Ex Tax: £116.66

Fluval FX4 High Performance Canister Filter 1000 L (250 US gal)

COMING SOON! PRE-ORDERS NOW BEING TAKEN!The Fluval FX4 is based on the high performance FX6 canister..

£194.99 £259.99

Ex Tax: £162.49


Interpet Anti Hair Algae 125ml

Interpet Anti Hair Algae Control 125ml For the control of green and black hair algae in planted aqua..

£5.92 Ex Tax: £4.93

Aquael ASAP 700 Filter Cartridge Standard

Replacement filter cartridge for the Aquael Internal Aquarium Filter ASAP 700 (250 litre)...

£8.67 Ex Tax: £7.23

Fluval U3 Underwater Aquarium Filter 150L (40 US Gal)

Fluval U Series Underwater Filters provide complete and efficient 3-stage filtration, including BIOM..

£46.49 £61.99

Ex Tax: £38.74

Aquael Comfort Zone Gold Aquarium Heater 300w

COMFORTZONE GOLD is a glass aquarium heater with a thermostat whose contacts are covered with a laye..

£20.41 Ex Tax: £17.01

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